Staying Positive & Postponing!

This picture is of my gorgeous couple Mr & Mrs Oswald, who wed back in 2018. This here, WILL be you!

We are still in a time of unknown and that's scary. We have had couples un-able to reschedule as the uncertainty leaves no knowledge of what dates will be safe. With the unknown, in having to halt our lives & the planning, many of you are anxious and that's okay too. We are all scared, we are all anxious, your not alone.

But we need to focus on the positives. Making the most of this awful situation. Okay, you may be having to wait as long as another year for your big day but let's focus on why that can be a good thing.

#1 & by far the most important : Health

Isolating is a difficult time for many at the moment and not seeing our loved ones is hard BUT in postponing, when the day comes your friends, family, yourself and your partner will all be in good health and ready to celebrate to the fullest. Celebrating your love & good health with friends and family, making the most from that time apart & making for some pretty epic photos of a memorable day!

#2 : Planning

You may very well have found yourself organized and ready to go but you'd be surprised as it's edges closer the panic of forgetting the little things. Take this time to run over your planning, you may spot a fresh idea to add to the day. Extra planning time never goes a miss, so get out those magazines and have a browse. But don't feel it a necessity to use this as planning time, overseeing your planning will keep the excitement flowing.

#3 : Money

It goes without saying that some of us are finding this time difficult financially as our jobs and income are placed on hold. Postponing will allow you flexibility and more time to save a little more, even if things return to some form of normality soon, postponing will allow you time to settle back into work and getting back on your feet without the added pressure that it's all going back out again and so soon. You may find this time will allow you to save a little more than expected and in turn you may be able to add on that set of LED letters you wanted

#4 : Suppliers stock

Now this may not apply to everyone but many suppliers are able to accommodate more than one wedding per day but in doing so not all the items you'd like may be available, by postponing you may find the original style arch you had your heart set on is now available. And whilst things are on hold in some sense suppliers stock and designs are still growing, we are still working away behind the scenes so when your day comes we have some new goodies

#5 :  Emotions on the day!

With the current pandemic lingering over us needless to say when the day comes and this has long been and gone you will feel a sense of relief and calm. You won't feel stressed, worried and can enjoy your day to its full with nothing hanging over head.

#6 : The Story!

Every wedding has a story, and whether you have children now or in the future, your children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews are going to sit in awe as you tell them YOUR story! And what a story it's going to be. Telling the tales of the pandemic, how it put things on hold but how you didn't let it stop you, how your big day came. Showing of those images and telling the tale of just how fantastic it truly was. 

#7 : Your Love

It's not the nicest thing having to pop your day on hold, this just means your engagement is a little longer BUT no matter what you endure, your enduring it together. Together you stand strong and together at the end of this you will say "I DO" in front of the most important people in your lives. Your love is strong, embrace this extra time. 

The current circumstances are out with our control, I truly am thinking of you all as I know many are disappointed, as am I but I wanted to create this post to share some positivity. It won't take away the disappointment but I do hope it helps to focus us and point us in the right direction. Together we are strong and together we will smash those new wedding plans. Your day is going to be bigger & better.

Stay Strong, Stay focused, Stay positive, Stay healthy & remember - You're NOT alone!

Photography Credit: Derek Wells at Sunshine Photography & Videograhy

Just a little ask.

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